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of Hydrodevices

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Designed for:

Detection of moving objects, the implementation of automatic classification of noise on criteria surface / underwater object


  • Detection and classification of moving objects
  • Monitoring of coastline against unauthorized intrusions into water area?

The software is designed for processing the signals from four channels in the range from 10 Hz to 250 Hz (it may be changed on request of the customer), the analysis of the acoustic field surrounding and defining classification criteria submarines.

The processing results are displayed on the monitor of the operator in a pie chart and table 360º goals that shows: bearings, frequency, signal levels of each sample, the spectrum of possible sonogram and listen mode noise.

The probability of correct classification of surface / underwater object ≈ 95%, even in the presence of a given water area of the submarine and several (3-4) surface ships or vessels. In the case of library purposes at the shore station may compare the detected noise known noise. Detection range from 4 to 10 km depending on the hydrogeological conditions in a predetermined area and depth of space station. Bearing accuracy of not more than 5º

Basic specifications:
Detection range (noise level 0.05 Pa) from 4 to 10 km
Error of bearing ≤5°
Operation depth 0 - 360 grad
Operating frequency 0,006 ±5мм/с
Probability of correct classification submarine 95%
Mass 40 kg
The service life 24 month