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Kyiv Scientigic-Research Institute
of Hydrodevices

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It is designed for detection of underwater divers to protect:

  • the ships at their anchorage in the high sea on roadstead;
  • the objects in ports and harbors, etc.

Sonar System provides:

  • Underwater objects automated detection and tracking,
  • measurement of coordinates for detected targets and data output,
  • data indication on the monitor at panorama kind,
  • sound speed distribution measurement at depth and range forecast,
  • data documentation,
  • - self-control of Sonar System.
Main specification:
Range up to 500 m
Range accuracy 1,5%
Azimuth accuracy 2 degree
Quantity of devices 4 pcs.
Outboard installation weight 115 kg
Onboard installation weight 300 kg
Onboard devices dimentions:
total area

1,5 m
0,8 m2
Angular field of horizontal view 360 degree
Angular field of vertical view 30 degree
Antenna dip to 20 m
Sound speed measurement depth up to 100 m
Power supply:

50 Hz
~3Ф, 380/220V
Service life 10 years