"Catran" sonar complex for detection of small underwater objects

This sonar complex is designed for searching, detection, localization, classification and display of small underwater objects for the purpose:

  • ship defense,
  • sunken object searching.

Sonar Complex provides:

  • Detection of lying on bottom, silted, drifting, anchored and mobile objects,
  • Sound speed measurement at depth and range forecast,
  • Data indication on the monitor at panorama kind,
  • Localization and display of detected objects,
  • Data documenting,
  • Automatic control of sonar complex operation.
Range of underwater up to 2 km
Range accuracy 1%
Azimuth accuracy 2 degree
Effective radius of detected objects 0,3 m
Array dipping depth up to 200 m
Towing speed up to 8 KN
Horizontal covering sector 360 degree
Device number 4 pcs
Weight of outboard equipment (with the cable) up to 3000 kg
Weight of onboard equipment up to 800 kg
Dimension of onboard equipment height, common area 0,8 m2
Power supply:

50 Hz
~3Ф, 380/220V
Service life 10 years